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Jan 23, 2019

Jayne Doe is a Professional Dominatrix in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  She's the most adorable nightmare you could ever hope for.  Sweetly sadistic, she specializes in cock & ball torture with a passion for extreme ballbusting.  She loves to break men & mind fuck their remnants.  Book today @ and follow her on Twitter @MissJayneDoexo.

Mistress Evangeline Ducharme is a masochist's wet dream. Savantly pushing submissives to their edge with skilled, sadistic precision. Specializing in Full Toilet Training and Shibari bondage, she'll leave you with one, inevitable option: total submission. Book now @ & follow her on Twitter @MistressEvange1.

Today's episode: Poop emoji crew - Jayne tries everything once - James Bond gets homoerotic - chia is the glitter of toilet play - picky poo love - a nod to skinny guys - Jayne double fists - Evangeline likes the Domme on Shameless - 700 needles - ball torture brainstorm - Dr. DuCharme gets into TopSpace - thoughts on infidelity - Jayne's building a dungeon! - verbal humiliation mindfuckery - we're all aunts - slave honnu debuts his balls - sniff your partners crotch - Lady Henry needs a GOOD switch - Mistress Evangeline talks about her Canadian travels aka the Red Green of Domination - NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR DICK, ARE YOU A HUMAN? - our dream scenes - CBT & Extreme BB - Family Day brainstorming - we love the FemDom community - the line between escorts and Dominatrixes - violently affectionate - Lady Henry outs herself as a Golden Girl


Dildos in the Dish Rack is a podcast about Professional Domination hosted by two of Toronto's favourite Dommes who just happen to be buds.  We are Lady Henry & Bastienne Cross, book a session today:

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