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Dec 29, 2018

Miss Ava Rose is a professional Dominatrix in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Well known in the local scene as a professional & passionate lifestyle Domme, her love of creative kink & domination perfectly balance her intense sadism. Her life, mind and heart are deeply immersed in BDSM & kink and she'll happily take obedient submissives along for the ride. Visit for details & booking information.

This Episode: Miss Ava Rose's BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! - a *NOT* murder room - seeking subby landlords & creative ways to say Fuck Off - email etiquette - babysitting domestic servants - folded laundry porn - session psychics - sadism vs. domination revisited - tribute for time, no scripts - big dick SPH - homo hand muffins - Ava's anal virgins - forced bi picky dicks - The Shining twins as a domination style - the issue of revoking consent - kink goals, providing progress - the depth of Domme space, apathy, control & not playing angry - we hate brats - wash your toys ya filthy sluts!

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